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Specialist in Good Laboratory Practice and Good Experimental Practice, experienced in Test Facility for environmental impact assessment of agrochemicals, chemical and biological products, veterinary medicinal products, biocides.

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The European strategy for the sustainable use of pesticides focused the attention on means for crop protection, alternative to chemical insecticides where, among others, the semiochemical substances find their own place

Crop Field Trials

In October 2015 the Guidance Document (GD) on Crop Field Trials (CFT) was updated to provide an harmonized approach in the planning and reporting of the trials in the OECD countries as well as for the interpretation of results.

Outputs from the 2nd World Congress on the use of Biostimulants

The use of Biostimulants in agriculture is driven by the growing need to improve the yield and the quality of crops avoiding the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers according to the Integrated Pest and Crop Management.